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Sep 26,  · Read our full review of the Nokia 8 Sirocco, the latest Nokia phone from HMD Global.. The Nokia 8 ($ at Amazon) isn't disappointing because it's a bad phone. Dec 05,  · Nokia 8 review: Returning to the world of Nokia without Windows The Nokia 8 is a Nokia without Windows phone, but is it worth making the switch to Android for ardent fans? Zac BowdenDisplay: inch IPS LCD x (ppi), Gorilla Glass 5, D curved glass. Apr 23,  · Windows Phone review: It's a bit work-in-progress in parts, but Windows Phone tells us a lot about where the OS is headed.4/5.

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The Lumia XL has an advanced module for an optical image stabilization and a nearly-instant autofocus that allow you to shoot ultra-clear and smooth videos without any preparation. The support of the Continuum technology enables you to connect a monitor and a keyboard with a mouse to your phone, thus turning it into a desktop computer. The incredibly powerful CPU and excellent display of the model can immerse you in an incredible virtual world, providing a quality mobile gaming experience.

Supports all modern cell protocols for a comfortable communication. The model is available in several colors. The phone display is well optimized for the use in bright sunlight. The video shooting in poor light conditions with this smartphone results in low-quality footages. The large and high-quality display windows 8 nokia phone review the phone with a precision touch control can be a great substitute for a tablet PC screen.

Now watching your favorite movies on the road is as comfortable and exciting as possible with a Windows phone. There are several color options available. Plus, there's also the 4x zoom windows 8 nokia phone review no loss of quality so you can snap pics of things from far away.

This is a flagship Lumia phone with an excellent camera, fast-working processor, and excellent display. Though it lacks a bit in terms of storage capacity, it's very reasonably priced and offers the kind of quality you simply can't get at this cost anywhere else.

The device provides energy savings due to the proprietary technology. You can use the "Battery saving" mode to maximize the phone battery life. In any use environment, a smartphone is able to prove itself worthy, serving as a perfect assistant both for work and entertainment.

With this model, you can make excellent photos and maintain your e-document workflow with ease. Despite its low price, windows 8 nokia phone review, the smartphone offers a high-quality display with the size optimal for a single-handed operation. The back cover of the Lumia has a matte finish and is resistant to fingerprints. This device is a good entry-level smartphone capable of performing a wide variety of tasks.

The model is equipped with an excellent camera, which captures the colors of the scene and objects with an impressive precision. Soon after Microsoft introduced its new, improved Windows 10 operating system, it was highly appreciated by many users as it had a convenient and intuitive interface very similar to the one of Windows 7 OS.

The popularity of this desktop OS gave impetus to further development and updating of the mobile version of this operating system for smartphones. The device proved to be very stylish and successful regarding its design. In terms of performance, the Qualcomm Snapdragon with 8 cores and 2.

While the 3 gigabytes of RAM provide enough room for running even very demanding applications. The graphics chip of this Lumia Windows phone, Adrenoexcels in the most cutting-edge games, showing a consistently high FPS. This means a quick launching of games and absence of any stutter and choppiness on the screen when gaming.

For fast-paced action games, this advantage plays a key role. As any modern smartphone, this model can be used as a GPS navigator.

There is also a Bluetooth 4. The statement is very easy to verify if you take, for example, a set of wireless headphones. For charging the built-in mAh battery, the manufacturer chose a slightly non-standard but gaining more popularity USB Type-C port, windows 8 nokia phone review, which is widely used in Apple products, windows 8 nokia phone review. The XL smartphone is also equipped with a 3. The most interesting feature of this model is its ability to be easily transformed into a mini PC: with the free docking station requires Lumia offers app download when placing the order and the Continuum technology you can connect a display and a keyboard with mouse to the smartphone.

For any smartphone, the display is very important and the Microsoft is well aware of it. That is why the company decided to equip its Windows smartphone flagship with the best of the displays. This Lumia model got the 2K screen with the x pixels resolution and 5.

For such an impressive size, the smartphone is quite grippy and does not slip out of your palm. And watching movies or simply working gets very comfortable with this display, windows 8 nokia phone review. The AMOLED panel used in the phone display provides a very accurate color and hue rendering, vivid images that almost come to life owing to their incredible realism and windows 8 nokia phone review. However, this display is very good for both watching and shooting high-quality video content.

Speaking of which, windows 8 nokia phone review, this Windows smartphone has a megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera, which you can use almost immediately. The Lumia phone can encode the video footages shot in the 4K format, which makes it being on par with modern professional cameras.

Thus, the device turned out to be very balanced in all aspects offering all the necessary features for comfortable work and leisure. Probably all those who used devices with a built-in battery at some point encountered the problem of the battery discharge when it was least expected.

Luckily, there are such devices as power banks that effectively address this issue. With their compact size, you can carry it with you anywhere to have an alternative power source in case of unforeseen situations.

As consumer market trends show, modern smartphones are not enough to be designed to deliver a high performance in some specific software application, instead new devices need to ensure good multitasking performance. This requirement is conditioned by modern smartphone use scenarios and software environment.

Previously, the devices that were windows 8 nokia phone review under Windows Mobile platform were not required to have a high-performance hardware, but with the release of new updates to the mobile platform by Microsoft, windows 8 nokia phone review, the powerful hardware became relevant and highly demanded.

Nokia Lumia is an alternative to Android and iOS-based devices and has a powerful processor on the board and a great big display. You can unleash its potential virtually in any use scenario, whether working with office applications or playing games or watching movies. The more so the 6" display of this Windows-based phone suits for any of these tasks perfectly. The IPS panel of the Lumia offers the Full HD resolution and displays the images at different angles with minimum color distortion, producing a well readable picture even in direct sunlight, windows 8 nokia phone review.

But it is the way how the 6" display is utilized in Windows Mobile OS that greatly improves the user experience with this Lumia smartphone. The operating system enables you to open multiple applications in separate windows 8 nokia phone review and display them at the same time on the screen, which was not achievable with other mobile operating systems. The Nokia large display together with its multitasking-optimized OS makes it very convenient to create quick notes with a stylus, even on the windows 8 nokia phone review. This high-performance phone is excellent for both photo and video, as its megapixel camera was manufactured using the PureView technology that greatly simplifies taking high-quality photos.

The rear camera optics by Zeiss is among the best available and is resistant to scratches and abrasions, windows 8 nokia phone review, thus preserving the original appearance of the lens. With that, you will not experience a degradation of the quality of photos over the time. Regrettably, the performance of the front camera is not even close to those provided by the rear one.

With its modest 1. The Nokia Lumia smartphone can easily substitute for a digital audio player with its rich audio processing capabilities and ability to play music from both the built-in speaker and the headphones connected. In terms of the sound quality alone, audiophiles may find the sound produced by this Nokia phone, as by the other analogous phones, somewhat lacking in the low register, and the soundstage to be a little narrow. The audio out for your hands free set or earphones is located on the top of the phone, which makes the smartphone blind operation in a pocket more convenient with earphones connected.

The built-in mAh battery is sufficient for nearly a day-long operation, which means a whole day of using this smartphone that utilizes the Windows OS for your work or entertainment without a risk of the battery drain. As a rule, the earphones that come with the most smartphones, offer a mediocre sound performance, so we recommend replacing them with better ones, windows 8 nokia phone review.

We suggest buying a set of closed-type earphones or headphones for an optimal sound experience when used with mobile phones as such earphones produce a very detailed sound while providing a good isolation of ambient noise.

Looking for a powerful phone that can snap high-quality photos, run modern apps, and, at the same time, not windows 8 nokia phone review an Ohio-sized hole in your budget?

Well, you could go for used models or risk it on a Chinese knock-off but we recommend the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone instead. First things first we have to give high praise to the rear camera here. You can do a 4x windows 8 nokia phone review to get up close and do widescreen shots of objects far from you.

This is helped by the optical stabilization feature that gets rid of blurring even if you have shaky hands or the object is moving. Now, with that kind of camera to work with, you might want to go wild and snap hundreds of vacation photos. However, make sure you leave some space for the rest of your files. That might be a bit hard to do, though, since you only get 32 GB of internal storage with no slot for a memory windows 8 nokia phone review. Besides, the rest of the tech specs are pretty slick here.

With 2 GB RAM and a powerful dual-core processor, this Windows phone might not rival a full-on modern computer but it certainly stands its ground against other smartphones and even some PCs and laptops from last gen. By the way, we want to quickly circle back to photos.

And the color and contrast settings give you room to work with so you can set the screen up to your liking quickly, windows 8 nokia phone review. All in all, the Nokia Lumia is a prime example of an alternative to iPhones and their ilk.

Soon after the Microsoft company revealed their flagship Lumia and XL smartphones to the public, the budget Lumia model was introduced. That was the first entry-level smartphone by the company with the newest Windows 10 operating system, which is installed on the flagship models. However, the phone developers decided not only to equip the phone with the fresh operating system but to add a metal case, which use is very beneficial for the phone operating life and gives users a peace of mind.

The speaker, which is located on the back for the most of the smartphones, in this case is located on the bottom of the front panel. Such speaker arrangement a very convenient and thoughtful solution that will let you hear the incoming call or message more clearly. Even when you watch videos, the sound does not disperse but reaches your ears unmuffled. The detachable back cover is removed very quickly and easily, uncovering a removable battery, SIM card slots, and a microSD memory card.

The components of this Windows phone is rather modest in terms of a raw performance, with the smartphone not intended for a heavy-load use scenario. However, the internal storage, as we mentioned, can be expanded using the microSD slot. The internal storage can be expanded to gigabytes, which was hardly credible only a few years ago. This capacity is more than enough to store a large library of books, tons of music and video content on your Lumia The more so since the 5" display of the smartphone makes viewing such media content very comfortable, windows 8 nokia phone review.

The Lumia is aimed at maintaining a fluent and effective workflow. The model is useful both on the road and windows 8 nokia phone review home. There are two factors in proof of this statement. The first being the capability of using services of two mobile operators owing to the two SIM card slots available. The second factor is the seamless integration of this Lumia cell phone in your working environment in case you are an MS Windows or Office user, as you will not need to learn how to use third-party applications and will be able to work with Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents directly in MS Office on your phone.


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Apr 23,  · Windows Phone review: It's a bit work-in-progress in parts, but Windows Phone tells us a lot about where the OS is headed.4/5. Dec 05,  · Nokia 8 review: Returning to the world of Nokia without Windows The Nokia 8 is a Nokia without Windows phone, but is it worth making the switch to Android for ardent fans? Zac BowdenDisplay: inch IPS LCD x (ppi), Gorilla Glass 5, D curved glass. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for New Nokia Lumia GSM Unlocked LTE Windows 8 Cell Phone - Black (No Warranty) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(86).